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Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory Verbal Therapy(AVT) is an early intervention comprehensive family centered approach for infants and children, where the caregivers are central to the therapy and its outcomes. This approach equips and empowers families with the tools to support the development of listening and spoken language through various daily routine activities. Caregivers are empowered with different strategies and techniques to reach the goals that are set for their child. Caregivers are coached and guided by the therapists to work on different aspects for the best outcomes for every child. The various components of Auditory Verbal Therapy are:
  • One on One therapy with the infant/child, caregiver and family
  • Assessments and Goal Setting
  1. Baseline Assessment
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Periodic Assessment using standardised assessments, checklists and scales
  4. On-going assessments based on the individual needs of each family and child
  5. Progress reviews with the family
  • Parent counselling and guidance on all aspects of development of the child
We offer therapy in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.
AVT is offered via in person or TELETHRERPY.

Auditory Skill Training for Adults

Auditory Skills Training(AST) is an approach used for adults with hearing loss to enable them to maximize their newly acquired listening skills post cochlear implant. It is the application of techniques, strategies, conditions and procedures that promote the optimal acquisition of listening skills. Its purpose is to provide an abundance of successful and positive individual and social listening opportunities to the recipient to improve their processing skills. Auditory Skills Training helps to ensure the newly acquired listening skill can be maximized. This is done through support and training for the adult with their family. The various components of Auditory Skills Training are:

  • One-on-One weekly auditory skills training sessions
  • Assessment
  • Goal-setting
  • Pre cochlear implant guidance and counselling
  • Ongoing guidance and counselling

Our Auditory Skills Training program is offered via in person or TELETHRERPY and is designed for adults who use cochlear implants and their family.


Counselling services are provided for caregivers, families, young adults, individuals who may be
experiencing issues related to their mental wellbeing.

We offer individual sessions or packages:


AVT Centers
INTEGR△TED has a comprehensive consultancy program for centers that covers – setting up, systems and procedures, therapist on-boarding and training, regular interventions to improve the quality of services provided by the centers
LSLS Mentoring
A Listening & Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS), is a highly qualified professional who has been mentored by either an LSLS Cert. AVT or LSLS Cert. AVEd. To obtain this coveted certification the Alexander Graham Bell, Academy for Listening and Spoken Language, USA, the professional needs to fulfill a stringent criteria of practice, mentored sessions and self study. At INTEGR△TED, we offer mentoring to candidates who are desirous of obtaining this certification through our LSLS mentoring program
Skill Building for Professionals
We offer skill building using the Auditory Verbal Approach for professionals who which to upgrade their skills to work with children and families. Our program is curated to the needs to the group or individual who wishes to upgrade their
skills and professional practice